"EURO 2012 Soccer Championship - Football Manager" The new computer game - Browser - online inspired championships European football with Football Manager Nożej species more accurately say that takes on the form trainer-coach the national team. Jesto kind of football coach simulator. At the start, choose a country which we want to argue, then we get a range of different options from which we can use such as conduct training, play a friendly match, change the settings of your drózyny, select new players to the team, rozejżeć through the statistics of different players, check your results. At the bottom of the screen there is a special strip that represents the time where we zosytało time for us to EURO 2012 tournament. Until then, we have time to fully prepare our team, choose the best staff, maintain the form and condition of athletes, carry tereningi, change settings dróżyny, tactics, play friendly games that will test our team before the competition. PRO werji game contains a lot of additional features. One of the most important elements is the possibility to play qualifying matches for the tournament. So the player wcielajacego the character of a coach will depend on if at all is allowed in the final tournament of Euro 2012. Game The Pro version also includes a wizard własncy players. Free version this is no demo is the full version, which does not contain as many opportunities as PRO version. Not everything can be a cram dpo browsergame version, to not load on the game does not know how long a time. Personally, I recorded a version of the FREE and I can in good conscience recommend a PRO versions. The cost of almost zero and the possibility of many more

EURO 2012 Darmowa    
+ można grac za darmo w każdej przeglądarce internetowej
+ nie wymaga instalacji
+ wygodny interface
+ sporo możliwości

- reklamy online
- brak możliwości z wersji PRO
- brak trybu eliminacje do Euro
- brak trybu umożliwiającego kreowanie własnych piłkarzy
- brak wersji fullscreen HD
- brak możliwości zapisywania stanu gry

+ dodatkowy tryb eliminacji do EURO
+ możliwość zapisywania stanów gry
+ dodatkowe ustawienia drużyny
+ możliwość kreowania własnych wymyślonych piłkarzy
+ brak reklam online
+ możliwość grania bez połączenia z internetem
+ wersja fullscreen
+ wersja HD
+ wersja desktop-owa / pod windowsa 
+ wygodny interface
+ sporo możliwości
+ gra kosztuje zaledwie 2$ lub 5zł lub 1,5E lub 1,20Ł 

- ktoś może nie mieć 2$ :P